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We provide expert assistance and study help in all core subjects of the Australian Academics.  Our excellent and affordable online tutors for math, chemistry, physics, geography, english and biology are well known for their thorough knowledge of the Academics for respective states in Australia.

Our tutors will guide you with the perfect methods and tips to stay ahead in class, even if you miss one, or if you fail to understand what was taught by your teacher in school. Get your tutor at whichever time is convenient for you. Because we believe neither in geographical boundaries nor in time constraints. It’s all about your comfort!



Our online English tutors for Australian Academics caters to providing online tutoring right from English Foundation till year 10, organized into three interrelated features. Together the three components by interacting and enriching the other two elements in an innovative and flexible way form an integrating structure of disciplinary knowledge and focus on developing student’s knowledge, understanding and skills in the core areas of language learning – Listening, Reading & viewing, writing & creating, Speaking from Foundation to year 10.

English – Primary Level

The study of English helps students to communicate well, understand other subjects and become informed citizens. Our well-trained online English tutors provide tutoring which helps students discern differences between literature, language, and literacy by teaching them all rules of the grammar, punctuation and other nuances of the language. Through this online English tutors and tutoring service, Australian Academics , we provide Expert online English tutoring sessions for primary students. Our online English tutoring helps to:

  • Strengthen the basic concepts in English
  • Enhance expression style
  • Expand writing and reading skills
  • Broaden questioning skills
  • Foster effective communication
  • Enlarge vocabulary

English(Grade 7 to Grade 10)

In our Australian Education system, the panel of English online tutoring gives tutoring for students keeping in mind the various tests they need to clear during their school years. This would include the various states’ test patterns: Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales. Our middle level online English tutors provide online tutoring for students of Grade 7 to Grade 10. Our English tutors help students to:

  • Communicate well, understand other subjects and become informed citizens
  • Understand how language use can have inclusive and exclusive social effects and can empower or disempower people
  • Define vocabulary choices to discriminate between shades of meaning, with deliberate attention to the effect on audiences

English (Grade 11 – 12)

Australian Academics has been written for four senior secondary subjects within the English learning area – English, English as an Additional Language or Dialect, Essential English, Literature.

  • A statement of rationale and a set of aims
  • Content descriptions that specify what students are to be taught across four units
  • Achievement standards that describe the quality of learning expected of students at five levels / each pair of units

The senior secondary Australian Academics for English:

  • Has been subject to widespread and continued discussion during its development
  • Has been appraised against curricula of leading nations during the development process

Our English tutors strive to help Year 11 and Year 12 students prepare for the HSC exam by teaching them strategies and methods online at their pace and convenience to understand the fundamental rules in such a manner that helps them to gain speed and score well in their ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank). The online tutoring classes for year 11 and year 12 students are well suited to score high in

  • Victorian certificate of education (VCE) – Victoria.
  • Queensland certificate of Education (QCE) – Queensland.
  • (South Australian certificate of Education)- South Australia.
  • Australian Capital Territory year 12 certificate.


Australian online Chemistry tutoring aims at providing assistance to students who wanted to excel in learning Chemistry. Our expert online tutors for science, chemistry, and math help the students to learn Chemistry with the help of graphical representations. lays a foundation for those students who wish to learn chemistry at higher levels.

 What We Offer

  • Customized learning pattern
  • Convenient scheduling of classes according to the student
  • Use of graphical representations and diagrams for easy understanding
  • Homework assistance

Unique Features of  ’s Online Chemistry Tutoring

  • Subject Matter Experts: We provide quality online Chemistry tutoring with tutors selected from all around the globe. We have highly qualified and well experienced online Chemistry tutors from international universities.

  • Affordable: Our Australian online Chemistry tutoring is affordable for everyone. Charges are made as per the hours of classes attended. No hidden or extra charges.

  • Parent Portal facility: We provide the service of parent portal where all the records of academic performance of the student are shared to the parents.

  • Convenience: Classes are scheduled as per the convenience of the student.

  • Continuous Evaluation: Our online tutors do a progress analysis assessment of the student on a regular basis.

How It Works

’s Australian online Chemistry tutoring helps the students to learn the basics to the advanced levels of chemistry. Our unique approach to online Chemistry tutoring has made us pioneers in providing online education in Chemistry. Students enrolling with ’s Australian online Chemistry tutoring are taken through a diagnosis test. The result of this diagnosis test helps us to know the key area of focus needed. Based on that, our educational managers assign the apt online Chemistry tutor for the student. The assistance of native online tutors is provided on request at a premium charge. Our expert online Chemistry tutors make a continuous evaluation on the academic progress of the student. The feedback and remarks are shared with the parents at our parental portal. We make use of the latest technologies in our tutoring. Tools like shared whiteboards give a real time classroom atmosphere for the students. The video lessons can be accessed by the student from the archives library.

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 More About Chemistry

The Australian Academics Chemistry covers the vast areas in this branch of science. Students start to learn the basics of chemistry in the secondary grades. The senior secondary grades take them to the wider world of chemistry. Studying chemistry requires to understand the chemical systems and know more deep about matter and energy.

The four major topics covered in Australian Chemistry tutoring are:
  • Chemical Fundamentals:

  • Molecular Interactions:

  • Equilibrium, Acids and Redox Reactions:

  • Structure, synthesis, and design


Online Mathematics tutoring from for Australian Academics helps students to achieve new goals in educational life. Our online Math tutors focus on covering all the topics in Australian primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary Mathematics. Students often find it difficult to understand certain areas in Maths. The regular school teachers may not be able to clear the doubts of every students as it consumes a lot of time. has expert online Math tutors who cater to the maths learning needs of Australian students. Whether it be Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, derivatives, integrals or functions, we have the best online Math tutors available who focuses on improving the students’ mathematical knowledge and skills. The key features of our online Math tutoring are result oriented, accuracy and speed, low investment – high output method and personalised services as per individuals.

Online Math Tutoring

  • Building a strong foundation for higher studies in maths
  • Test Preparation help
  • Native online math tutor support, if needed
  • Helping learn maths with diagrams and interactive sessions

Why prefer Online Math Tutoring

has designed student friendly online math tutoring sessions which makes learning a fun experience for students. Our state of the art tutoring facilities makes it easy for the tutees to understand the topics on primary, secondary and senior secondary Maths Academics. Our online Math tutors conduct continuous evaluation of the student’s academic progress and a timely report is shared with the parents through our parent portal.

Benefits & Advantages

  • Our Australian online Math tutoring is affordable for everyone. Charges are made as per the hours of classes attended. No hidden or extra charges.

  • We provide quality online Math tutoring with tutors selected from all around the globe. We have highly qualified and well experienced Math tutors for Australian Academics from international universities. Students have the option of requesting native tutors at premium charge

  • Our online Math tutors do progress analysis assessment of the tutee on a regular basis.

  • We provide the service of parent portal where all the records of academic performance of the student are shared to the parents.

How it Works

’s Australian online Math tutoring is aimed at providing a better idea to the student about the subject. offers online classes for Chemistry, physics math etc with help of top notch tutors from world class universities.Each and every student enrolling with will be taken through a diagnosis test which helps us to understand the key area for which focus is needed. Our education manager analyses the diagnosis test result and will then assign the suitable online math tutor for the student. We provide students the comfort of learning in a homely atmosphere. The online Math Tutors make a continuous evaluation of the academic performance of the student. The unique service of Parent Portal help the parents to keep a track of the academic progress of their children. Feedbacks and remarks from the tutors are shared in the parent portal. Students always have the option of switching the tutor if they find it comfortable with the tutor already selected. Sessions are scheduled as per the convenience of the student. We make use of the latest technologies in our online tutoring services. Tools like shared whiteboards give a real time classroom ambience to the student.

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’s online Biology tutors for Australian Academics help students in Secondary & Senior Secondary Science with a set of varied skills valuable to multiple ranges of further learning pathways. General Science knowledge, as well as an understanding of biological concepts, is important to a range of careers like Eco-tourism, Medical, Food and Marine science, veterinary, biotechnology, conservation, etc. These subjects will guide the students to build a basic foundation to analytically consider and make decisions on present day biological issues in day to day life. Our online biology tutors, Australia help students develop their analytical and investigative skill through the additional worksheets and supporting assignments.

’s Online Biology Tutoring

  • Develops a sense of inquisitiveness about life and living things and the environment around

  • How biological systems interact and the flow of matter between the systems

  • Understanding the theories and models connected to biological systems and process

  • How the knowledge of Biology influences society in different contexts

  • To use creatively and analytically evidence-based arguments to evaluate claims and applying

  • To communicate findings, opinions, and inferences by using apt representations

Grade 7 to Grade 10 Online Biology Tutoring

Our online Science tutors impart training focusing on the various tests needed to be cleared during their academic year. This includes the test patterns in Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, New south wales, and Queensland.

Our online Biology tutoring covers:
  • Understand the life of living things.

  • Determine the interdependence and interaction of all living things, life cycles, structural adaptation, body systems, ecosystems, and behaviors and the way these features help survival of living

  • Create a solid base of knowledge on which further learning of the Biology is made possible.

Grade 11 to Grade 12 Online Biology Tutoring

Our online Biology tutors help Grade 11 and Grade 12 students to prepare for the HSC exam by introducing the approach and methods to get a strong base on the fundamental rules which would enable them to score well in their Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR). Our classes for year 11 and year 12 students are well suited to score high in subjects.Same tutors will be available for other science subjects like physics and chemistry.

Our High School Biology tutoring covers:
  • For students of Victoria – Victorian certificate of education (VCE)

  • For students from Queensland – Queensland certificate of Education (QCE)

  • For our students in South Australia – SACE (South Australian certificate of Education)

  • SACE (South Australian certificate of Education) for our students in South Australia.

  • Australian Capital Territory – year 12 certificate.

  • TCE – Tasmanian certificate of education

  • NTCE – Northern Territory certificate of education

  • For New South Wales students – HSC (Higher school certificate)


Our online Science tutors, Australian Academics , caters to the three interconnected topics: Science understanding – when a person selects and integrates appropriate knowledge in Science to explain and predict phenomena, and applies that knowledge to new situations. The science understanding features comprises of four sub-features: Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Earth and Space Sciences, Physical Sciences, Science as a Human Endeavour.

Biological Sciences – Online Help

Our Biology tutors help the students understand about – All living things and their life cycles , Interdependence and interactions with each other, Lifecycles, Body systems, Structural adaptations and behaviours, Ecosystems, How all these features aid survival of the different living systems. All these are done with the help of diagrams and text that make it easy for the student to grasp the basics, by our biological science tutors.

Chemical Sciences – Online Help

Our Chemistry tutors provide online science tutoring in the – Aspects of atomic structure, Composition and behaviour of substances, Physical and chemical properties of substances, Atomic interactions and energy transfer. The tutors’ endeavor is to make the basic concepts of Chemistry clear to the primary class student which makes it easier to understand the more complex chemical theories in the secondary classes with ease.

Earth and Space Sciences – Online Help

Our online Science tutors for Earth and Space Science are adept at making the student understand – The Earth’s structure, Its place in the universe, The solar system, Daily seasonal changes in our environment, sudden geological changes. With a clear view and a broader perspective of the Earth’s position in the Solar System, the students get comfortable with the knowledge about the planet that they are a part of.

Physical Sciences – Online Help

The online Tutors for Physics teach concepts of – Force, Motion , Matter , Energies and their transfers, Electricity . All these topics are handled to provide a firm understanding of the basic principles that makes them appreciate the subject when they move to the higher classes.

Science as a Human Endeavour – Online Help

Highlights the development of science as a unique way of knowing and doing, and the importance of science in contemporary decision-making and problem-solving. The syllabus is handled in two-year bands. There are two sub-topics of science as a human endeavour – Nature and development of science, Use and influence of science

Science inquiry skills

The study is on appraising claims, exploring ideas, cracking problems, sketching valid conclusions and developing evidence-based arguments. The lessons in the science inquiry skills feature is handled in two years. The five sub-topics of science inquiry skills are Questioning and predicting, Planning and conducting, Processing and analysing data and information, Evaluating and Communicating.

’s online science tutoring provides students with understanding, knowledge and skills to develop a scientific view of the world, through the three topics. Students’ experiences of school science should mirror and connect to the multidimensional view of science. Our online Biological science tutors teach science in an integrated way enabling students to make a clear connection between the inquiry skills and the work of scientists. As students develop a more refined understanding of the knowledge and skills of science they increasingly appreciate the role of science in society. The lessons and topics of the science understanding strand will inform students’ understanding of contemporary issues such as climate change, use of resources, medical interventions, biodiversity and the origins of the universe. Our online Science tutors, Australian Academics , comprise a panel of tutors who train the students keeping in mind the various tests they need to clear during their school years. Our tutoring are offered for various states’ test patterns: Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales.


Geography Online Tutoring provide the following benefits for Australian students

  • Help students to appreciate the complexity of our world and the diversity of its environments, economies, and culture

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of the nature, causes, and consequences of natural and ecological hazards

  • Help to identify, evaluate and justify alternative responses to the geographical challenges facing humanity, and propose and justify actions taking into account environmental, social and economic factors