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’s Online CBSE Math tutors use a unique approach in that it offers unparalleled flexibility to meet your child’s learning needs while simultaneously saving you both time and money.Not every student can stop the teacher and ask a question during the classroom as they will be embarrassed to put their hand up. It will be wonderful if they could get a chance to revise all the classroom lessons in a friendly and easy-to-understand way. That’s where our Online ICSE/CBSE Math tutors can help your child!

Benefits of our online CBSE math tuition

  • Students will have time to discuss their issues with our online math teachers in detail.
  • Students can ask our math tutors for help with whichever topics that they desire.
  • Our CBSE Math tutors will work at the student’s own pace.
  • Our CBSE online Math lessons are planned as per the requirement of each student.
  • We encourage students to make mistakes.
  • Our Math tutors make it a point to review the topics covered in the previous classes before going to the new lessons.
  • provides feedback and progress reports at regular intervals.

Why should you choose ?

  • Our Math tutors prepare customized lesson plans for each student according to their pace of learning
  • teachers provide homework, academic and assignment assistance
  • Periodic assessments to evaluate the student’s development are conducted by our math tutors.
  • Education Managers set up online weekly and monthly meetings with parents to analyze the progress of the students.
  • Step by step guidance is given to each student to excel in the subject.
  • Top-notch Online Math tutors are available 24/7 with personalized support for every student.
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’s personalized one-on-one online CBSE physics tuition make it possible for students from all grades to obtain quality learning and improved grades, from the best tutors in the world. Our community of physics tutors includes scholars from top universities with a vast experience in the field of teaching, who are prepared to offer you help 24×7. Tutors create lesson plans on observing the student’s performance that concentrates on the weaker areas of the student. This way of tutoring has proven record of academic success.

 Benefits Of Our CBSE Physics Online Tuition

’s online physics tuition enables students to get undivided attention from the tutors, unlike the conventional tuitions. This makes it possible for the students to focus better. Our CBSE physics tutors are well-versed with the subject so that students can seek help with any topics at any time according to their convenience. Moreover, apart from helping our students with their academic needs, our online tutors bestow upon them with skills to achieve their dreams and goals.

Our online physics tutors have the ability to raise the student’s thinking capability by challenging them with questions that boost their quantitative aptitude.

A detailed list of the grade-wise tuition support offered by our CBSE online physics tutors is given below.

CBSE physics tutors 8th grade

The physics chapters in the 8th grade are Force and Pressure, Friction, Sound, Stars and the Solar System, Light and Some Natural Phenomena. We have eminent CBSE physics tutors who can help you with all the topics at any time you choose. Our tutors have can make you fall in love with Physics and the amazing facts it has.

CBSE physics tutors 9th grade

Chapters that come under physics are Force and Newton’s laws, Gravitation and Motion. ’s online physics tutors have lesson plans that break down these chapters into easier terms, making these chapters seem simple and easy to understand.

CBSE physics tutors 10th

CBSE syllabus cover topics such as Electric Current, Ohm’s Law, Resistance, Magnetic Effects of Current, Fleming’s Left Hand Thumb Rule, and so on in the 10th grade. With the constant guidance of our CBSE online physics tutors, there is absolutely nothing that our students have to worry about. These tutors are so experienced that with their support, our students can face the board exams.

CBSE physics tutors 11th grade

Units and Measurements, Motion in a Straight Line, Motion in a Plane, Laws of Motion, Work, Energy, and Power, Gravitation, Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory, Oscillations, and Waves are a few of the chapters that come under the CBSE physics syllabus. These topics appear difficult, but our CBSE physics tutors have the ability to break down these complex topics into simpler terms which can be easily comprehended by the students.

CBSE physics tutors 12th grade

CBSE syllabus in the 12th grade includes Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Magnetic Effect of Current & Magnetism, Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current, Electromagnetic Waves, Optics, Dual Nature of Matter, Atoms & Nuclei, Electronic Devices, and Communication Systems. At TutorComp, our online CBSE physics tutors are capable of teaching students not only what’s in the textbooks, but make it a point to work out questions from previous year questions as well as HOTs questions.

CBSE Physics Online tutoring

Contact us right now for a free 30 minute Demo session for physics. In addition to this, TutorComp also provides online tutors for Chemistry, Biology, Maths, English and other CBSE high school subjects.


’s online Computer Science tuition will help students achieve mastery of all the basic concepts in Computer Science. has in-depth study material and trained cbse Computer Science tutors who can help students master the difficult lessons with ease.

Learning Objectives of CBSE Computer Science tuition:

  • To develop logic for Problem Solving

  • To understand the concept of Object Oriented Methodology

  • To implement Object-Oriented Programming using C++

  • To understand the concept of working with Relational Database

  • To understand the basic concept of Boolean Logic

  • To understand the basic concepts of Communication and Networking technologies

  • To understand Open Source Concepts

  computer science online tuition for CBSE

We provide online tutoring for computer science with individual expert tutors, a one-on-one learning process from the comfort of your home in a friendly, patient and relaxed manner. From beginning to advance levels, every session is a personal one between you and your tutor. Our CBSE computer science tutors take you through the entire course explaining concepts and problems in multiple ways to make your fundamentals stronger and work towards the common goal of achieving deeper understanding of the subject and better grades in school/college..

Engaging Learners

Having worked with millions of learners, we have lots of experience in identifying and overcoming the barriers individuals face when it comes to learning. We have a specific equality and diversity champion, whose job it is to ensure we can help all our cohorts of learners.

Benefits To Students

Our CBSE Computer Science classes are tailor made to prepare the students and develop their confidence in Computer Science and Programming skills. The unique benefits to students are:

  • Highly qualified and experienced trainers

  • Convenient timings and caring teachers

  • Best supportive environment for development and training of students

  • Both Theory and Practical classes, well configured lab

  • Value for your time and money

  • Guidance to solve assignments and develop projects successfully

About Our Tutors

All our Computer Science tutors are highly qualified on the subjects handled and hold teaching qualifications in the adult learning or conventional education sectors. They are supported by subject experts and lead practitioners, who provide extra advice and support on additional learning needs, as well as continuous improvement in learning support techniques. In addition, we develop, or source, appropriate training for curriculum changes or where there are developments in teaching methods.

Our tutors are trained on soft skills enabling them teach through virtual classrooms by building good relationships. They’re also required to undertake certified safeguarding training and keep up to date with any relevant equality and diversity changes.


The CBSE/ICSE Science online tutoring program starts with 4 risk-free sessions (available only during the first two weeks We will charge your credit card only if you are happy after the first session. You can stop anytime before the fifth session (any time during the first two weeks) and you will be refunded all your money. There will be no questions or no issues.

This module includes:

  • Free initial Diagnostic Test with feedback
  • Practice Worksheets
  • Exposure to full-length tests
  • Scorecard and feedback after every test
  • Monthly parent conference with Education Managers
  • free software


Our CBSE chemistry online tuition is a mix of chemistry lecture notes, including charts and diagrams, that has been developed by our CBSE chemistry tutors, over the past several years for teaching chemistry. We have incorporated these notes in our lesson plans to provide chemistry help for CBSE high school and college chemistry students. These chemistry lecture notes include the entire curriculum that is normally covered in high school and higher secondary chemistry modules. Through Our CBSE chemistry online tuition, we are sure that students find these notes useful to learn and retain chemistry lessons and to develop a better understanding of general chemistry concepts. Our CBSE chemistry tuition classes will show students on how to solve problems step by step, that is likely part of any high school chemistry or higher secondary chemistry test or exam as well as on the SAT II Subject Test in Chemistry

Benefits to students

  • World class Chemistry tutors from elite universities across the world

  • Free 30 minutes demo session

  • Access to students and parental portal

  • Personalized one on one tutoring anywhere anytime

  • Customized lesson plans

  • Academic, homework and assignment help delivered through an interactive whiteboard with voice chat and audio enabled

  • Periodic assessments

  • Weekly and monthly meeting to check on the learning progress

Highlights of Our CBSE private tutors

  • Available 24/7 for academic support

  • Complete mastery of tutoring subject

  • Experience with web conference technology

  • Computer and web savvy

  • Knowledge and use of successful teaching strategies and techniques

  • Ability to incorporate technology into a tutoring session

  • Passion for teaching and learning

  • Successful tutoring experience supported by references

CBSE Chemistry tuition from

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provides customized quality one-one English online tuition to students who find it challenging to learn English. We focus on individualized study plan for each student so that they receive the right kind of attention they deserve. Our goal-driven learning programs assure progress in students within a short period of time. Our elite community of CBSE English tutors include professionals from internationally acclaimed universities handpicked after various levels of interview process.

 Why Choose for CBSE English Online tutoring? 

  • Individual attention is given to students.
  • Develop creativity and analyzing skills among students
  • Live interaction facility where students and tutors interact in the virtual whiteboard.
  • Your tutor will always be scheduled according to your convenience
  • We focus on long-term academic growth and success

 CBSE English online tuition – How does it work?

’s CBSE online tutoring programs are a complete package guaranteeing academic success. There will be an initial conversation with the tutors, parents and students. Depending on this session tutor understands the core strength and weakness of the student and formulates a custom tailored study agenda. Number of sessions can be determined by the parents and the students based on their requirements. The tutor will determine the core strength points and weak points of the student in learning English and will work together from the early stage. The tutor will guide the student and develop the students speaking and writing skills. Our dedicated Education manager will always be in touch with the tutor and students throughout the process.


The CBSE/ICSE Social Studies online tutoring programme uses a unique approach in that it offers unparalleled flexibility to meet your child’s learning needs while simultaneously saving you both time and money

All our tutoring programs are customized according to the individual requirements of each student. has in-depth study material and trained Social Studies online tutors who can effectively make Social Studies lessons interesting and easy to understand.


Biology is a science with a vast vocabulary and students are sometimes expected to gain a considerable amount of the subject knowledge in a relatively short time. To cope with such pressures and to ensure a good outcome, specialized attention is required. This is where ’s online biology tutors step in and help. CBSE Biology online tuition from has tools like the whiteboard with which our biology online tutors will help you understand the subject well. We customize courses, especially complex ones such as those for biology, according to the student’s requirements. The one-on-one tutor arrangement ensures that the student gets complete attention.


We ensure better grades for your child within one month of tutoring with . If you are not satisfied with within the first 2 sessions, you can choose to discontinue without paying for the sessions.

Benefits To Students

Practical resources and interactive experiments are used in our online CBSE biology tuition to give the students quality education. Most up-to-date technologies are available for students that learn biology online in order to assist their progress and proficiency in the subject area. Topics include- cell biology, where lessons about cell structure and enzymes are offered, viruses and molecular biology. The lesson also covers photosynthesis processes, the role of the mitochondria, macromolecules and eukaryotic cells, genetics, ecology, evolution, and physiology.The CBSE biology tutors will help the student in every step of the way. They will make most of the sophisticated learning resources to implant confidence and comprehension. Our CBSE private Tutors can also harmonize the online science tuitions with regular school classes. They can even help with school homework and assist in test preparations. With the online biology tutors, students can be sure of the best possible results in the fastest possible time.

How We Work

  • Diagnostic test and Free 30 minutes demo session
  • Highly experienced online biology tutors with expertise in handling CBSE biology lessons
  • Customized lesson plans
  • 24/7 support and personalized tutoring
  •  Periodic assessment and evaluation meetings
CBSE Biology tuition from TutorComp

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offers tuition for CBSE syllabus as well as courses to help you speak Hindi fluently. We have analyzed that most people, students as well as adults, know the answer to the question being asked, but Hindi not being the native language or being used often, the answering becomes difficult. The solution is to work on the major areas – Vocabulary, Grammar, writing and speaking. Our online Hindi tuition focuses on vocabulary, articulation, writing, grammar and fine tuning of the accent.

Benefits of Our Online Hindi Tuition

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Accurate pronunciation and promptness
  • Ask simple questions in Hindi
  • Confidence to speak
  • Fluency

Courses That We Offer

School-Level help

provides online Hindi tuition for all grades under the CBSE syllabus. Our Hindi tutors aim at providing help on – Literature, Poetry, Pronunciation, writing errors, Grammar, Sangya – Noun, Sarvnam- pronoun, Visheshan – adjective, comprehension, conjunctions, Idioms, Proverbs, Letter writing, Essay writing, etc. Our CBSE tutoring program uses an exclusive approach that offers unmatched flexibility to meet every student’s learning needs by saving both time and money.

Types of other online courses we offer for our Students are:

  • Beginner Level Hindi Course: has eminent Hindi tutors who can help you acquaint with Hindi from scratch and become well-versed with the language.
  • Intermediate Level Hindi Course: ’s Hindi tutors will help you revise what you know at present and guide you through till you excel in the language.
  • Advanced Level: If you are looking for somebody to help you brush up on your language skills, then you have come to the right place. has meticulous tutors who will be the best choice to serve this purpose.

How we work

  • The Diagnostic test helps our tutors to decide the areas where the student is weak

  • We offer a 30 min Free Demo Session by which you can decide if is the right platform for your learning needs

  • Classes are scheduled in advance so that you don’t have to worry about finding a trainer in time

  • 24×7 academic and technical support

  • Personalized tutoring session anytime, anywhere

  • Customized lesson plans and assignment according to the level of the student

  • Periodic assessments are conducted to evaluate development in the skills

  • Weekly and monthly meetings to check on learning progress and facilitate better grades

CBSE Hindi online tuition from

is the only platform to determine the apt Hindi tutor for all your needs, be it academics or verbal help. Learning Hindi can be very challenging, but our courses can make it easy for you


The CBSE/ICSE Environmental Science (EVS) online tutoring programme uses a unique approach in that it offers unparalleled flexibility to meet your child’s learning needs while simultaneously saving you both time and money.

Whereas the cost of conventional one-on-one tutoring is very high, ’s highly effective one-on-one Environmental Science online tutoring can be surprisingly affordable and can yield the same or better results than the traditional face-to-face method.


Accountancy is the life of any thriving business and is required within any establishment. The core of accountancy is maintaining extremely accurate records of any and all areas of a business and how it earns and spends money. You must maintain multiple types of records to account for every aspect of your company.

has in-depth study material and have experienced CBSE Accountancy tutors who can help students master the basic and advanced level lessons in the subject like Financial Statement Analysis, Computerised Accounting, Accounting for Partnership Firms and Companies etc

Accountancy Online Tuition – Benefits To Students

  • Safe and saves travel time

  • 24/7 availability of proper guidance

  • Series of mock test papers and previous year question paper

  • Evaluate on what is not learned

How It Works

  • Customized lesson plans for 11 and 12 the grades

  • Diagnostic tests and free 30-minute demo session

  • Tutoring calendar charted with world class tutor

  • Personalized tutoring anywhere anytime

  • Images and files shared for academic, homework and assignment help

  • Periodic assessments and weekly/monthly meeting to check on the learning progress.

  • Periodic assessments and weekly/monthly meeting to check on the learning progress.

  Online CBSE Accountancy Tuition from TutorComp

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