The Privacy Policy of the site discloses the content that provides you with information regarding the usage of the website ( We value the trust that you place in us and thus we have briefed to you the terms of services and the privacy policy of the website(

plus is one of the best online tutoring ed-tech company found with aim of imparting learning and to make it more accessible. This is to acknowledge to all the users that their information is collected, used and disclosed.

The information we collect are used to maintain contacts with you and to keep you updated about the site and the company. By personal information we mean your name, phone number, address, email address and your contacts. We do collect or use your information unless you voluntarily provide it to us.

Do not use the website or avail to any of our service if you do not agree with any terms of our policies.

User Provided Information:

When you register to our website it becomes mandatory for you to provide us with your personal information. Personal information as in your name, address, contact details, email address, password and your ward’s educational interests. We make of use of this personal information to contact you from time to time to keep you updated about the site, offers or other products and services.

Once you are done with the registration it becomes a part of the admission to make payments and most of the time it happens online and thus, we collect your Sensitive personal information like transactional related information.

The Associated information that you provide us with when you contact us in case of queries, the information that you register when you download our application/ register to us in the website or the information that you provide when you respond to a particular service or offer in the site is collected and made use of to contact and identify you.

plus is an educational website that is accessible to users of all age groups (from 13 and above) and is appropriate to use without parental guidelines.

You are provided with all rights to withdraw from all the information that you provide to us at any time. We value your consent, it becomes your complete choice to make to provide us with your personal information, Sensitive personal information and Associated personal information.

Automatically Collected Information:

The application you download or when you register with us on our site, we automatically collect information about the type of device you use, the unique IP id of your device, your device’s IP address and other technical information related to the permissions that you provide us with.

The information collected is used to identify you and develop contact and the company will not store, share or retain your personally identifiable information for any other purpose.

Usage of your personal information:

The personal information that you provide us with will be used to contact you to provide you with the services that you have asked for and the information also the information is used to identify you and thus helps us in offering a customized service that you are in need of. Your personal information also helps us to locate you and thus we provide you with the courses that best suits you.

The information is used for marketing purpose and also to detect any illegal activities happening across the site. The information collected will be used to keep you updated about the offers, services, and other updates in the website.

The information collected are made sure to be used in an appropriate way and never has overboard the consents of our users.


We take all steps and measures to protect and preserve all the information that you provide us with and we make sure that none of your information (Personal information, Personal Sensitive information and Associate information) get misused, or subject to unauthorized access. In case of any discrepancies or doubts contact us by sending us an email at

We consider and value all your personal information as the most valuable assets and so we place a high concern in safeguarding all your information. We never send your personally identifiable information to third parties for their marketing purpose without your consents. We use your personal information, personal sensitive information and personal associative information only as described in the privacy policy.

In case of any doubts or discrepancies of your personal information being hacked or accessed please do contact us by sending a mail to us at or stop using the website.

Keep your data Secure:

It becomes our obliged duty to notify you in case of any discrepancies regarding the use of your personal information. If we learn of any security system’s breach, we would notify to you electronically. In case you need a written copy of the message write to us at

Anytime when you do not agree to any point in the privacy policy or the terms of services you may withdraw from using the website.


We send cookies while you access our website to know your preference, to determine user trends and to make your access to the site faster. Mostly cookies at the initial use of the website are seen unavoidable but you can easily overcome the issue by resetting the browser as it helps you refuse the cookies.

By accepting the cookies that appear at our website you allow us to send you major contents based on your preference. By disabling the cookies, you might not be accessible to all services available in the site.

Links and Alerts:

You may find a certain links at our website that may direct you to other website that are not under our control and so by clicking on such links should be done at your own risk and are not any of our concerns as the link that leads you to a different website will have a different privacy policy of its own.

We may notify you through mail or phone (SMS/call) about the updates, offers are services available at our site.

User Communication:

The messages that you send us through mail/ SMS or the call you make through your phone is stored/recorded for us to make quick response to the services you have requested.


By configuring the data that you have submitted to us we gather your consent to use all your personal data in the manner set in the privacy policy.


At any time in between we may change or update the privacy policy or the terms of use in that case you ought to accept the new/updated privacy policy and terms of use or otherwise you can stop using the website if you do not agree to any point in the updated privacy policy or the terms of use.

Exclusive Services:

By having an account in the A+ plus application, you have given us the access to your mic/camera and permission to make video call and record the same.