plus is an online tutoring website that enables you/ your ward to study online at a reasonable price. The site provides services such as offering courses, doubt clearing sessions for student about the course they prefer to join and demo classes, all these services are available at

By using or registering on the site indicates that you understand and accept the privacy policy and the terms of use of the site. In case you find uncomfortable with any of the terms mentioned below you may terminate from using the services available in the website/application.

Hence read the privacy policy and terms of use carefully to know how your information are being used. Read carefully the terms and conditions before accepting it as it contains contend about legal rights and obligations.


Article 7. Condition for Consent:

plus respects the law as much as it respects the users consent and value. Mentioned below are some ways in which we abide by GDPR:

  1. We make sure that we collect and disclose your information only after you place your consent, no information is collected or misused or sold for marketing purpose without your consent.
  2. We also make sure to notify you within 72 hours in case if there is a breach in the system. If you want a written copy of the message contact us by sending a mail at
  3. It becomes a basic right of the user to know what information of theirs is being collected and how it is being processed and thus we have briefed to you the process in the privacy policy and terms of use and hence read them carefully before signing in.
  4. As a user you have the complete rights to withdraw from the consent at any time and refrain yourself from using the website any further. We will delete your personal data if you request on the same.
  5. We keep your information secured and make sure it is being used in the right way there is no way from third party to access your personal data without your consent.


The proprietary information of the site including the collective content, logos, images, audio, video, graphics and other images in the website cannot be downloaded, copies, reproduced or uploaded anywhere else or on other websites without obtaining prior permission from the company.

To gain permission you got to submit a written copy seeking permission to use any of the content present in the site. The site may contain links of certain third parties who may have already gained the consent of the site. To access to the content of the third party you have to obtain their concern separately which in not in anyways connected to the site as they may have their own set of privacy policy and terms of use.

The products, services, logos, trademarks, videos, images audio and other collective content available in the site can be used by the user only for personal purpose and not for commercial use. The personal use of the site is also subject to following restrictions,

  1. You may not be allowed to copy, modify, derive, transform, upload, produce, publish or license any of the content/services/products/software used in the site without prior written permission.
  2. To sell the software/services/products/contents in the website or to use it for other commercial purpose is strictly prohibited.
  3. No user is permitted to make use of any content by unlawful means or make available misleading/abusive/harassing/profane content in the website.
  4. No content of the website should be used to perform criminal acts and no user should stalk, intimidate or harass an individual from committing a crime.
  5. Storing or transmitting audio, video or other contents that are subject to copyright without a prior permission of the author is considered unlawful.
  6. No user is allowed to modify or disrupt any of the privacy policy or terms and conditions of the website.


Users below 18 years of age are not allowed to use the website, if you are below the age of 18, parent or guardian of the ward can open an account and register a course based on your ward’s interest. Users whose account is terminated/blocked are prohibited from using the account further.

By using/ registering on our site indicates that you are 18-year-old or older.

Usage of the site:

plus is an online tutoring site that offers a number of course that are listed in the site. The listed courses can be viewed as an unregistered user of the site. To enroll in the course of your interest you should create and register an account in the website.

You have to become the member of the site to access certain features and services provided by us.

You may also login into the site by third party Social Networking Sites (SNS). As mentioned in the privacy policy third part access is not in any way legally connected to us. You may at any time withdraw from terms and services of the Third parties.

Payment Terms:

A ward is requested to pay a definite amount of money depending on the course he/she enrolls. plus will respond to your request within 72 hours, if you don’t receive a respond any amount of money paid will be refunded.

The student will be intimated about the total sum of money they have to pay before they enroll on the particular course. In accordance with the cancellation policy the company will refund any amount of money paid by the ward.


The fees paid by the ward will include a certain percentage of tax, the tax that is collected from the total amount paid by the student will be remitted to the respective tax authority. Thus, A+ plus collects taxes as a part of the fee amount and remit it to the respective tax authority.

Reporting Misconduct:

If you feel any misconduct of your personal data or if you experience harassment, abuse or sexual violence you are supposed to complaint to the respective authorities and then report to with the concerned complaint letter, provided that your report will not obligate us to take any action from our side.

Additional Terms:

The additional terms that are added to any product, services or features available in the site will be included in these terms. Subject to compliance with these terms the user is allowed to download the application of the site in one or more devices for their personal use.


The company is not liable for any discrepancy arising as a result of performance of the site. It becomes your sole responsibility the read the privacy policy and terms of service carefully before accepting it. Thus by doing so you accept at your own risk, the use of information and other sources available at the site.

General Provisions:

  1. The entire content in the Privacy policy and the terms of use is concerned with your use of the offers/products/ services available in the website/application or other Social Networking Sites established under the company.
  2. Any updates or the services offered by the company will be mailed to you or will be send to you via message/ call and any queries or suggestion to the company should be made to us at
  3. You will not in any means become the partner of the company or will develop any franchise with company or will become an employee of the company by using our website or application.
  4. The company has provided all the terms and conditions for the user to know their use of the website/ application of the company.


Any feedback produced by the user regarding the services/products/features offered by the company will be non-confidential. It becomes the responsibility of the user to make sure that the information provided to us in feedback is non- proprietary. The message you send is stored and the calls you make are recorded as it helps us to respond to you faster and provide services to you based on your needs.

We make sure we provide you with the best experience, if in case there are any miss happenings are discrepancies do contact us –