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Our goal is simple. To make your child the best in class. Our expert tutors are ever ready to support students to achieve the student’s academic needs, whether it is to be a topper in class or score better grades than last time. Just let us know what are your requirements and your subject of interest and rest will be taken care by us.
Our in-depth knowledge in US Academics helps us to provide your child the right kind of learning experience you can ask for.  Tutors will continuously monitor the progress so that you don’t miss out on anything. We handle the following subjects.



Elementary school Math US Academics is an excellent mathematical program providing an excellent pedagogical foundation and provides a successful teaching methodology proven world-wide. The program focuses on foundational understanding of number and operational skill mastery in the same way as the new Common Core State Standards. A clear understandable, orderly, logical approach is needed to form the Foundation of your child’s future math studies.

Our Unique Approach

It’s a distinctive combination of intellectual, spoken, written and pictorial exercises. The numerical fluency method adopted, helps building numbers sense in students and the ability to effortlessly recall addition and subtraction facts. Each student goes through a test to check on the proficiency on the subject and based on it a tailor-made program is built and delivered through regular tutoring sessions, followed by developmental and comprehensive assessment as per the calendar set, and result shared with the parent. In addition to academic help, our tutors assist students in assignment and homework.

How does your child benefit

With a firm foundation, your child gets confident in handling Math and gets a strong introduction for continued math success in middle and high school and even beyond. Grade 3 – Grade 3 math is elementary level and kids learn basics of math. Few topics of grade 3 maths are numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, mental arithmetic, basic units of measurements and data handling.

High School Math Tutoring & Homework Help

Research studies of mathematics in high-performing countries have concluded that mathematics education should be substantially more focused and coherent. The standards set in our online Math tutoring is on research-based learning progressions detailing on how students mathematical knowledge, skill, and understanding develop over time. The knowledge and skills which the students need to be acquired with, for mathematics study in college, career, and life are intertwined through these mathematics standards. Our tutoring methodology, designed to high-quality math standards draws on the international mode for mathematical practice and research input from parents, educators, assessment developers and other sources.

The diagnostics define what students need to understand and be able to do in their study of High school mathematics. The teacher analysis this through an assessment and probing for justification on mathematical rules. Our online High school Math tutoring concentrates on a clear set of math skills and concepts. We believe Mathematical understanding and procedural skill are equally important for the richness in Math learning.

The topic covered in High school Math online tutoring, US Academics are algebra I, algebra II, geometry, trigonometry, pre- calculus, the groundwork for high school exit and college placement exams, standardized college entrance exams such as the ACT and SAT.

Our Approach

Students perform at different skill levels, at High School. It is through our assessment diagnostics we determine each student’s abilities, and build customized learning plan to fit student’s specific needs – by not spending time on what they already know and to strengthen the topics on which they need to work on.

Our US Academics High school Math tutoring helps the students with immediate homework help, test preparation, and academic help, thereby filling the gaps in their mathematical knowledge. The goal of our online tutoring is to enhance the students’ performance outcome in crucial exams. With our Homework help, students start seeing homework as a welcome challenge and opportunity for further learning, and no more a burden.

Our online Math Students, in the process of preparing for a standardized test such as SAT, ACT, high school exams, and college placement, enjoy a clear-cut advantage over those who aren’t. Every student registered with our online tutoring are guided through a customized Academics which suits their specific need, designed based on their assessment outcome. It’s a personal instruction plan charted student wise to optimize their performance. The results are undoubtedly better grades and a positive approach to their future.


Our Chemistry, US curriculum tutors online, is for the students who are struggling in their Chemistry class, trying to keep the compositions, compound, and elements straight. Our chemistry online tutors will assist you in improving your chemistry homework problems and grades. With our chemistry courses online, students will be prepared to confidently and effectively tackle their chemistry studies.

What We Offer in Online Chemistry Tutoring

Our chemistry online tutoring involves personalized one to one tutoring service to students covering the wide range of topics depending on the school curriculum and students learning objectives.

is the best choice for students having difficulty with chemistry at school, the level of our chemistry courses ranges from 3-12 to undergraduate classes. Our tutoring team comprises a range of young and dynamic tutors who have majored in Chemistry from elite Universities and professionally skilled tutors with experience in helping students in Chemistry classes. Our chemistry courses online cover general chemistry, physical chemistry, stoichiometry, organic chemistry, quantum chemistry and analytic chemistry. Our organic chemistry tutors, tailor program to suit individual tutoring needs. We provide additional exercises to deepen the understanding of the subject. Our high school chemistry tutors are adept at explaining the concepts visually and mathematically.

Learn About Chemistry

Chemistry the study of matter – deals with how substances are combined, composed and how does their natural characteristics can be derived and utilized for human good. The matter is anything that is sold, Liquid or gas – the science of chemistry.

As chemistry deals with the nature of reactions and that of the rules that govern them, and lies at the edge between Biology and Physics, and used in both the applications, a solid base in chemistry study is important, -be it in quantum mechanics or understanding the reaction of drugs with the body. Chemistry attempts to answer many questions asked by students of the world around and our chemistry courses online will lead students to discover steps required to solve a problem. offers a free trial session for each user upon registration. The sessions are offered through an interactive audio enabled whiteboard with video chat facility. Questions are posted and shared for academic and homework help, through file and images uploaded through the whiteboard. Every class can be saved for future review and revision. Contact us for a free trial now!

How It Works

chemistry online tutoring offers a higher level of customization to search tutors who will be apt for students tutoring needs. Students leave a note describing the tutoring need, and a selection of tutors will be provided for the students to choose from. Our chemistry tutors online are available 24/7 to help students master the chemistry lessons. Our web page offers state of art virtual study tool which enhances the learning experience. If a personalized chemistry expertise, is what you are looking for keeping your cost down, our chemistry courses online would be of help. Our online tutoring help students with subject help from physical to organic chemistry via web chat, e-mail or over the phone. Our service will be helpful particularly if you have specific questions to discuss with a tutor or a detailed academic study need. Online chemistry tutoring is available at affordable hourly rates for chemistry general, biochemistry, analytic and organic chemistry. Our online tutors analyze the learning needs of the students and work towards utilizing the learning levels to develop a better understanding of the basic concept and sound problem-solving skills related to chemistry.


Through our online Algebra tutoring session, your child can instantly connect with our world class tutors, get a personalized step by step explanation, share and upload files online, and save the work for future reference. Parents can request a free demo session to understand how it works, monitor their child’s session through the parental portal, access periodic assessment score sheet and leave necessary suggestions for improvement. Your tutoring sessions are designed to cater the requirement grade wise. We offer online US Academics math tutoring from 3-12 grade.

Topics Covered:

  • Radicals

  • Polynomials, Factoring Polynomials, Division of Polynomials

  • Solving Equations, Solving Inequalities

  • Lines

  • Complex Numbers

  • Graphing Quadratics (Parabolas)

  • Systems of Equations (2x2s)

  • Systems of Equations (3x3s)

  • Determinants and Cramer’s Rule

  • Functions

  • Inverse Functions

  • Exponentials and Logarithms

  • Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities

  • Sequences and Series

  • Combinatorics

  • Advanced Graphing

  • Graphing Polynomials

  • Graphing Rational Functions

  • Matrices

  • Conic Sections

 What We Offer in Online Algebra Tutoring

Learning Math Algebra is easy but by just taking one step at a time and learn the basic rules before getting to the complex problems. When a student understands the concept of Algebra clearly, it becomes interesting. And that’s where our online Algebra tutors play a great role. We at offer effective online tutoring service for all Math topics. Our highly qualified, skilled and experienced online algebra tutors are dedicated to giving you a clear understanding of each algebraic topic in a systematic manner, through our unique tutoring sessions, assignments and practical session through our shared whiteboard. Demo sessions are also being offered on algebra topics of choice.

Algebra is a vast topic of Mathematics and mathematic statements are being used to describe the relationship of different things. It is a way of simplifying Math through the use of formulas or equations. This is made possible real-time with a shared whiteboard, and queries answered and explained by the tutor through an interactive session, in our US Academics online algebra tutoring. Through our 24/7, anywhere personalized service student who struggles with math can get help for their regular academic help, homework help and academic test preparations to improve their grades.

Learn More About Algebra

The term Algebra, from the Arabic word – al-jabr, which means “reunion of broken parts”, is one of the four parts of Mathematics. It is the study of mathematical symbols and the rules to manipulate these symbols. Algebra is a unifying thread of everything related to Math, – From elementary equation solving to the study of groups, rings, and fields. The most basic being named elementary algebra and the most abstract as abstract algebra or Modern algebra. Elementary algebra thus becomes essential for any study of mathematics, science, engineering, medicine and economics. Abstract Algebra, which is major and vast is used in advanced mathematics and used only by professional Algebraist.


online tutoring sessions are scheduled as per the students learning requirements. Our structured sessions for the different topic of Math, are affordable, convenient to use, anywhere anytime. Our pre-calculus online tutoring, is equipped with an interactive whiteboard with multiple tools, chat options, a platform to share and upload files, option to save every session for future review. Our pre-calculus tutors work with every student, in brief, make them understand the concept and help them solve difficult math topics in an easy and simple way. Pre-calculus online tutoring helps the students with the notations, theory, and problems to improve their math problem-solving skills so that they can easily find the solutions to their pre-calculus homework help.

Topics covered under pre-calculus online tutoring

  • Polynomial, Power, and Rational Functions

  • Functions and Graphs

  • Trigonometric Functions

  • Exponential, Logistic, and Logarithmic Functions

  • Applications of Trigonometry

  • Applications of Trigonometry

  • Analytic Geometry in Two and Three Dimensions

  • Systems and Matrices

  • An Introduction to Calculus: Limits, Derivatives, and Integrals

  • Discrete Mathematics

Benefits of our Online Pre-Calculus Tutoring

Our personal Pre-calculus online tutors, US Academics , help students to assess their understanding in each topic. This online learning help is designed to meet student’s specific requirements and get a deeper understanding topic wise. Get enrolled with us to experience constructive and effective learning process, with our highly qualified online tutors. Students by attending our online sessions, not only brush up their subject knowledge but also improve their confidence to take tests.

At our online tutoring, the student works one-on-one with a specialized pre calculus tutors who can help you to understand the concepts of Pre- calc and also encourages thinking and reasoning skills. Our pre-calculus tutoring online covers topics like whole numbers, integers, natural numbers, factorization, and decimals. The tools used in our online math learning is creative, interesting and easy.

How We Work

In our tutoring process of Pre-calculus, we will review and renew students understanding of numbers and variables as used in algebra, equations & functions both algebraically and visually, connect real world applications to the equations and functions and introduce methods from current technology to make pre-calculus analysis easier.

The study of pre-calculus American Academics brings together the previous study of geometry, algebra and the functions as a preparatory course for calculus. Having a thorough knowledge on pre-calculus is necessary for success in subsequent math courses. The topics include quadratic, exponential, linear, radical, polynomial, logarithmic, conic sections, trigonometric ratios, and functions, inverse trigonometric functions, arithmetic of complex numbers, vectors, laws of cosine and sine, polar functions and notation, applications of trigonometry.


Science – the intensive, informative fun filled subject enhances your child’s natural curiosity about everything happening around. While some students would breeze through the subject with ease, an expert guidance and thorough understanding of the basics would help other students needing additional tutoring support. Most of the science topics leave students overwhelming with the complexities and abstract concepts involved. The Chemical Equations and Physical laws are outside the student’s normal level of understanding and perception.

Academic Plan

Our comprehensive academic process comprises of tutoring methodologies, time management skills, managing exams along with detailed session plan based on your own Academics need.

Middle School Science Tutoring

At , we clearly understand that the need of Middle school students tutoring requirement is entirely different from that of Lower and Upper school, and so is the tutoring mode. We believe that Middle School tutoring needs to dedicate tutors who know that intellectual subtleness and emotional response is highly volatile. Our Private science tutors are skilled to cater to the inquisitiveness of the student and at the same time to hold them safely when they fall. Frequent Mentoring sessions and study skill coaching is an important component of middle school science tutoring. Through our private science tutoring, parents always experience that students go through a very thoughtful transition and discover that middle school science tutoring is seamless- rich and deep, and the student’s global competence scales up to greater heights.

What do We offer in our Science Tutoring Classes?

Our US Academics online middle school science tutors believe that an effective student-centric science program would engage the student physically and mentally. The vision of our online private science tutoring is to develop essential science literacy in all students. Our Middle school science tutoring provides students with opportunities to enhance, expand and change the ways they view the world. Our private tutors provide an environment which makes students curious, think and question.

The results are amazing, kids start learning with fun, with customized homework help lesson plans. With a better self-esteem, children start enjoying the subject Science.

Tutors help students develop their skills in the practice of science and engineering. The science topics learned every year, will enable students to apply the skill behaviors and habits through hands-on experimenting at school and home or at outdoor field experience.

Homework and Assignment help

Learning science, with , is exciting and rewarding by getting help with homework, exams help and project/assignment support. Seamless online tutoring is delivered through an audio enabled shared the whiteboard with voice chat, file/image uploading and session saving facility. Parents get to know how the sessions fare, and the progress of their child on developmental and comprehensive assessments.

Our personal tutors online, are there to help those students- be it the one who struggle to get math homework every night, or the one who lack the interest to work to improve their science test score or prepare for final science exams. Our American Academics private science tutoring help students learn science by explaining difficult concepts in easy to follow steps. Our middle school science tutoring is a personalized one to one sessions, handled at student’s convenient schedule and pace. Tutoring is done by exploring basic principles, conducting virtual experiments, building knowledge, observing and drawing conclusions from real-world examples.


Our online biology tutoring provides online interactive personalised tutoring, customised lesson plans based on students level, Lectures delivered upon students demand on particular topics. Our biology tutoring online offered by thoroughly screened and qualified tutors help students in exam preparations, coursework assistance, and assignment help. Our private biology tutors, believe that memorising and understanding the massive dictionary collection of terminology in the Biology syllabus, is difficult to recall during the exam. We have a team of Biology tutors provides expert private tutoring. All our online biology tutors are experienced, passionate and qualified to help the student scale up newer heights.

Topics Covered:
  • Evolution

  • Space Science & Earth

  • Cell Biology

  • Reproduction

  • Microbiology

  • Plant Anatomy & Physiology

  • Environmental Sciences

  • Physiology & Animal Anatomy

  • Ecosystem And Human Activity

  • Genetics

  • Population Dynamics

What We Offer

Our online biology help, American Academics is focused on strengthening the learning opportunities for students at the cutting edge of our tutoring tool. Our online biology tutoring helps students in achieving better grades at school. Through our biology tutoring, US Academics we train students for a range of career in research and other professional fields, which would reflect the significance of biology to the students. Our biology tutoring online, offers a range of learning opportunities and hand on experience, by bringing in a traditional classroom experience through an audio enabled interactive shared whiteboard, with voice chat facility. Students can post queries on academic and homework help by uploading files and images through the whiteboard. All the online sessions can be saved for future review and revision.

The unique learning outcomes through our biology help online are to transform the students to think like a biologist, helping them familiarize with the tools and methods of biological learning, by synthesizing a range of biological concepts and ideas and develop critical thinking skills.

The subject which demands more time and effort from students, with the vastness of syllabus and laboratory work, our online biology tutoring offers a conducive learning atmosphere for students to gain knowledge in the tough concept of Biology with the help of our excellent technical know-how. Our online biology tutors are qualified to bring out the required result from the students. A better clarity in the concept of Biology adds to the knowledge in the subject and our online tutoring delivers personalized tutoring session to interact and understand topics without interruption. Through biology learning through whiteboard discussions, text message and voice chat, students get biology help any time through our experienced tutors for the challenging topics in Biology.

How We Differ from Other Online Tutors

We offer an online resource library for students to refer various Biology topics and get help with homework assignments. Learning Biology with the help of tutors from adds power and a rare chance to dig deep into the subject. The 30 minutes free trial session scheduled would help students choose the topic of their choice to understand the methodology of session delivery. Our biology tutors are available for academic and homework help 24/7. Our Biology tutors will help students with lab reports, worksheets, preparing for biology tests and reviewing difficult concepts from class.


online Geometry math program help covers unlimited questions covering all necessary topics grade wise. We provide creative online experience for students to make their learning helpful and effective. All Our online geometry tutors come with generic teaching strategies and knowledge of two and three-dimensional types of figures. And they build a constructive relationship with the students over a period of time. This enhances the students’ motivation to learn the basic concepts of the subject thoroughly.

Topics Covered

  • Congruent Triangles

  • Reasoning and Proof

  • Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

  • Similarity

  • Relationships within Triangles

  • Quadrilaterals

  • Right Triangles and Trigonometry

  • Properties of Circles

  • Properties of Transformations

  • Surface Area and Volume of Solids

  • Measuring Length and Area

Geometry Online Tutoring, What We Offer

It’s a vast topic and needs a varied expertise. Geometry study is not that easy unless guided by an experienced math tutor. Our online geometry tutors, help you learn this interesting topic thoroughly with our online 24/7 tutoring assistance and homework help. Through our personalized one to one tutoring session, our online Geometry tutors will review the lesson, check the formulas and proofs and draw shapes on the shared whiteboard. The specially trained math tutors complete every geometry topic with additional worksheets and problems to practice.

They impart training in various Geometry topics of basic shapes and Angles, Area, Circumference, 3D objects, Parallel lines, Polygons, Traversals, perimeter, the volume of prisms, cylinders, spheres, cones, Pythagorean theorem, surface Areas etc. Students and Parents can select the topic according to their academic standards and request for online tutoring support. Ample opportunity to practice each geometry topic and clear explanation are the unique features of our online sessions. Our skilled and experienced tutors help your child to better their grades.

The Result

Throughout the instruction, the style of common core standards is taught and reinforced for the student to learn and apply the concept in real-life situations. Learning and excelling is just a click away, through our online geometry tutor for US Academics .

Geometry Homework Help

Geometry Homework is no longer a pain. Get enrolled for an online geometry tutoring session and make your homework fun. Geometry – The study of shapes and figures in Mathematics is not that complex a study. A proper understanding and clear knowledge over the concept is certainly necessary for a complete learning. Our private math tutor online would now make this learning easy and simple.

Learn More About The Topic Geometry

Geometry – from the Ancient Greek; geo-earth, metron-measurement, is one of the vital branches of Mathematics. The study concerned with questions of shape, size, the relative position of figures and the properties of space, need to be learned with a proper guidance of a geometer- your specially trained Geometry tutor.

Geometry is all about shapes – be it playing with objects of drawing. It’s about the space we are surrounded with and the things in it the nature of these shapes, the way we define them and what they teach us about the Universe – it’s a study from math to astronomy. Geometry is the core – angles, right triangles, quadrilaterals, intersecting lines, volume, area, circles, perimeter, geometric constructions and analytic geometry- and a lot more in this area of Math.


Mastering Trigonometry through our Trigonometry online course, helps your child score better on SAT and ACT assessments. Our private trigonometry tutors cover basic concepts of trigonometry formulae, help students in solving difficult questions, help him master key concepts, and provide personalized, one to one tutoring session for all grades as per student’s convenience. Let us help you in preparing your interim tests, homework and any related academic help. Our personal Trigonometry tutors introduce you to a unique way of learning and preparation for exams. Our Math tutors online will work with you to catch up, keep up or get ahead in class.

Topics Covered – Trigonometry Online Help

Our main focus of trigonometry tutoring is to help you with concepts and practice problems from high school to college level.

  • Angles and Applications

  • Right Angles

  • Trigonometric Functions

  • Basic Relationship between Identities

  • Trigonometric functions of Two Angles

  • Area of Triangles

  • Oblique Triangles

  • Trigonometric Equations

  • Complex Numbers

  • Inverse Trigonometric Functions

What do we offer in Online Trigonometry Tutoring?

Our online trigonometry tutors, US Academics take you through all the important trigonometry topics and sub-topics of right angle triangle, Pythagoras theorem, sine and cosine law, heights and distance, trigonometric tables and ratios. With this learning process, backed by the learning tools of shared whiteboard and audio enabled interactive sessions, it’s learning with fun through our online trigonometry tutoring sessions. Want to experience a free Trigonometry online tutoring session? Now is the right moment to call us.

Learn More About Trigonometry

Trigonometry from Greek trigon on is a branch of mathematics which focuses on the relationships of lengths and angles of triangles. The prefix – trig is the study of properties of triangles. Trigonometry has been termed as one of the most important branches of Mathematics due to its widespread relevance. Be it measuring precise distances, satellite systems, astronomy, architecture and even music, you may wonder how is knowing the measurement and properties of triangles significant. Trigonometry is found all throughout geometry with straight sided shape broken into a collection of triangles. Trigonometry has got intricate relationships to other branches of mathematics – complex numbers, infinite series, calculus, and logarithms. The technique of triangulation, a part of trigonometry is widely used in astronomy, geography, statistics, Oceanography, civil engineering, architecture and many more areas.

Trigonometry the branch of mathematics caters to the specific functions of angles and their application to calculations. Six functions of an angle are commonly used in trigonometry. They are sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant and cosecant. Trigonometry helps in computing angles and distances in astronomy, map making, artillery range-finding, and surveying. Problems concerned with angles and distances in one plane are dealt in plane trigonometry and that of three-dimensional space in spherical trigonometry. It is very vital that students need to be comfortable with the functions used in trigonometry. Learning trigonometry online is easier and convenient now.

One of the major stepping stone to advanced high school math, our trigonometry online tutoring, make students understand the complicated mathematical concepts, including circular functions, polar equations, and graphing. Many students try to get a feel of it for a while, but if the idea is to move on to pre-calculus, problem-solving calculus and beyond, a solid grasp of the material is a must for your child, and it is easily achievable with our Trigonometry tutoring online. Mathematics being a subject very vital to gain a better perspective on events that occur around us, a keen aptitude for every topic in Math would improve critical thinking problem-solving abilities in students. But why study triangles? What’s so special about triangles? The answer is simple, – the branch of trigonometry triggers interests in the learner by relating each piece of shape to another.


At TutorComp, our certified reading tutors will develop an individualized reading plan for every student focusing on building the exact vocabulary skills that your child needs in order to achieve reading success in elementary school. It will teach the students how to grasp the main idea of a passage, the author’s attitude towards the subject, the author’s logic and techniques or the contextual meaning of specific words. Vocabulary is often defined as the words that we to use to communicate effectively. Our vocabulary course introduces new words which, in turn, will help the students to express their ideas more clearly and differently. New words are introduced systematically with examples and various exercises that prepare students to excel in speaking.

About Our Online English Tutors

At TutorComp, our aim is to ensure all our students to be successful in their academic career and acquire in-depth knowledge in the subject they are learning. Our soul goal is to expand the key abilities of the student to learn English with our Online English Tutors which includes critical and analytical thinking, listening skills and most importantly, creative development. We have formulated precise strategies and roadmap for every student so that they can excel in English learning

Know bout Our US Academics Online English Tutoring

Our US Academics online tutors are highly experienced and possess the following characteristics:

  • Highly Innovative and always up with new ideas

  • Experimental on various concepts

  • Understands the cultural background of every student

  • Keen in bringing interaction to empower students

  • Intuitive and attentive to in depth details

  • Excellent Linguistic skill set

  • Flexible and ever ready to accept various styles of students

  • Well disciplined and dedicated

  • Stimulates discussions with students to enhance their hidden creative side

How We Work?

  • A test will be conducted to analyze the potential of student

  • A Free demo live tutoring session for 30 minutes will be conducted by our expert online US Academics tutors.

  • Detailed feedbacks will be collected and based on that regular tutoring sessions will be scheduled according to the student’s requirements

  • There will be no time constraints. You can schedule your classes any time 24*7

  • Determining the potential of students, we will customize your lesson plans

  • Flexible and ever ready to accept various styles of students

  • Progress of the student will be periodically analyzed and recorded


Welcome to the world of interactive studying. Humanities have never been so interesting to learn. offers a completely new online platform for studying Humanities in US Academics . Humanities include the study of different subjects like History, Geography, Economics, Philosophy, visual arts etc. Assignments and projects based on Humanities often require assistance. offers best in class assistance for students who seek Online Humanities Tutoring. Our state of the art technology helps the students to understand different subjects on Humanities through live and interactive sessions.

Online Private History Tutoring

Whether it be ancient, medieval or modern history, we have the answer for all your queries. Understanding History requires a well-mastered tutor who can explain and make understand the significance of each and every historical moment. has well-qualified historians who analyze the requirement of students and according to the requirement, schedule the sessions. Our online History tutoring covers vast areas of American History and World History.

Online Geography Tutoring

Studying geography reveals the mystery of Earth and Space. Students often require assistance in completing their Assignments and projects on Geography. has expert geography tutors who can explain the topics with the help of illustrations and videos.

Online Economics Tutoring

Economics has become the most important subject in the modern day world. It has a lot of areas to cover right from Malthusian Theory to Supply and Demand. Online Economics tutoring are often hard to find. We have tutors who can help the students to understand different topics on economics with the help of live and interactive sessions.

Assignment Help

We offer dedicated services for humanities assignment help. Students often require assistance in completing assignments and projects. Our tutors are available 24/7 to help the students get their assignments done on time. Our subject matter experts will help you do the assignments as per the requirement.

Why Choose for Online Humanities Classes

has the unique feature of analyzing the student and allotting the best tutor available. Our Customer Support team ensures the seamless experience of learning for the students. With the use of state of the art technologies including shared whiteboards, we provide the real-time classroom atmosphere for the students. Our tutors make sure that the students are grabbing the lessons by conduction tests and exams. We help the students to complete assignments on time. Overall development of the student is the key focus of . For more details, log into our Free Demo Session and experience our quality of online Humanities tutoring.


Pre-algebra is a general name for a Math topic in middle school math learning, US Academics . The objective of our online pre-algebra tutoring is to prepare the students for Algebra study. The subjects included are a review of arithmetic natural number, types of numbers falling into groups of integers, fractions and factorization, decimals and negative numbers, Properties of associativity and distributivity, Roots and powers, operator precedence and use of parentheses – Rules of evaluation of expressions, equations – including rules for invariant manipulation.

Topics covered under Pre-Algebra Online Tutoring

  • GCF’s and LCM’s

  • Factors and Primes

  • Intro to Fractions

  • Fractions

  • Order of Operations

  • Properties

  • Exponents

  • Decimals

  • Signed Numbers

  • Exponents

  • Percents

  • Radicals

  • Solving Equations

  • Polynomials

  • Graphing

Personalized online Pre-Algebra Help

Our online Pre-algebra help includes topics from geometry, particularly the ones in applications to area and volume. Pre-algebra tutoring online is an introductory study of algebra. Irrespective of the field of work we are in, Algebra is used in our everyday lives. All the advanced concepts of algebra, like trigonometry and geometry, are all taught in pre-algebra course. The study of Pre-Algebra lessons encourages the thinking and reasoning ability in students and help them to arrive at inferences and deductions logically.

Why is an online tutoring needed for Pre-Algebra?

Pre-Algebra is a course taught during middle school, sometimes early as third grade. For those who are into home-schooling pre-Algebra is taught between 8 years to 17 years of age, based on the child’s ability to process the subject information. The purpose of Pre-Algebra tutoring online is to prepare a student to understand and practice Algebra and then move on the upper levels in Math. A student may find it difficult to follow higher level Math programs without a good foundation in Pre-Algebra. Pre- Algebra is about numbers that form a part of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and that of Algebra and geometry. The partial list of topics which are generally covered in pre-algebra are whole and prime numbers, word problems, median, mean and mode, volume, area and perimeter, point, line, ray, angle and volume, fractions, decimals, roots, mixed numbers, exponential expressions, equations, ratios, proportions, negative numbers, variables, algebraic phrases, computing interest, order of operations, parentheses, triangles, permutations, bisectors, graphing and conversions.

Pre-Algebra helps students start their Math learning from concrete numbers to abstract ideas which need higher thinking and cognitive skills. Our online pre-Algebra tutors, US Academics help students go through this change effortlessly in a way which augments their thinking and methodical skills.

Contact us for a free session now!

Our online pre-Algebra help will guide students through different areas of math, with theory, examples and video lessons. Our private pre-Algebra tutors help students gain a complete understanding of topics in pre-Algebra on which they can build on. By enrolling in our pre-algebra tutoring online, students will get to know how to operations in order, evaluate and identify expressions and properties, calculation of a coordinate system, inequalities and the ways to solve equations. Our pre-Algebra lessons will support students in knowing different ways to represent graphs and functions, ratios and percentages, probability and statistics and measure the area and volume of shapes. Contact us for a free session now!


Our physics tutors online help students by providing exceptional physics tutoring help. Tutors are available 24/7 helping students in quantitative, analytical and problem-solving skills. We provide a learning platform which facilitates students to clear the doubts instantaneously, with the tutor. The study of physics is from understanding the principles on which it works. offers physics tutoring to meet and match the student’s requirement.

Benefits Of Our Online Physics Tutoring

Students connect to the physics tutor assigned, the topic/problem to be explained is posted via our interactive whiteboard, and queries posted through our voice chat, tutor explains the topic step by step on the shared whiteboard, once thorough with the topic they can exit the session, and also revisit as and when needed. Our writing and inbuilt tools on the whiteboard would enable the tutor to explain laboratory experiments to substantiate topics learned. Our real-time sessions are interactive and interesting and cover all physics topics from 3-12 US Academics .

Our 30 minutes free trial session helps the student understand the tutoring methodology, backed by 24/7 support by our technical team. physics problem solver online is your one stop solution for all your physics academic and homework help need.

Topics Covered

  • Electricity and its Applications

  • Forces and Motion

  • Motion and its Applications

  • Waves and Sound

  • Energy, Work, Power and Momentum

  • Electricity and Magnetism

  • Light and Geometric Optics

  • Electricity and Electronics

  • Mechanical Systems

  • Communication Technology

  • Hydraulics and Pneumatic System

  • Energy Transformation

Physics, US Academics

Our Online Physics tutoring American Academics caters to the tutoring techniques currently in place to teach physics and also areas of instructional research needed to improve the existing methods. Over years the subject physics has been taught by lecturing method combined with videos of laboratory exercises. Physics lessons are better grasped when taught with experiments and probing on the outcome. It’s a method of self-discovery by trial and error method to learn the underlying concepts in physics.

Physics the scientific study of motion of matter in relation to space, time, energy and force is the most fundamental of all natural sciences. A strong foundation in physics education is hence of vital importance and can be achieved through our online physics tutors 24/7. Exceptional student tutor rapport makes it supportive for a conducive learning. Instant doubt clearing sessions, help in drawing diagrams, formulas and derivations with the help of our interactive whiteboard help the student develop a deeper understanding on the subject. Learning physics is now a lot more easy and fun with our online physics tutoring.


Accountancy or Accounting is the language of Business. The outcome of language being communication, accounting process of a business, communicates its business performance to the World, apart from its shareholders, lenders, Government, and shareholders. Accountancy is the measurement and communication of financial information. It measures the results of the economic activities of an organization and takes it to a range of users.

Online Accountancy Tutors, US Academics

Our online accounting tutors, US Academics is committed to integrity, excellence, teamwork and lifelong learning. Our private accountancy tutors are top notch researchers and professors from elite universities across the world, with expertise in accounting disciplines. Our accounting classes cater to challenging subjects of accounting, finance, and statistics along with additional soft skills like communication skills and career-related skill courses.

Homework Help & Assignment Help

Our online accounting tutors, US Academics , brings in the change in your child’s grade in a months’ time. Accounting homework help and assignment help are offered by highly experienced and qualified tutors, recruited from World class institutions. Based on the student’s needs, apt accountancy tutors are assigned and students are taken through a demo session to understand the methodology of our online accountancy tutoring. Once the student and parents go through the demo session, regular tutoring sessions are scheduled based on students convenience. Our private accountancy tuition is backed by a 24/7 tutoring and technical guidance and support. Accounting assignment sessions are delivered online through an audio enabled interactive whiteboard with voice chat facility. Files and Images can be uploaded online through the whiteboard by the tutor and student for academic help and homework help. All sessions can be recorded and saved for future review and revision by the students. Completed homework sheets can be uploaded for the tutor to verify and get back with assistance. Our online tutoring’s unique approach offers unmatched flexibility to meet your child’s learning needs and saves both time and money

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Get help for academics and homework help on time and feel confident with your better grades. It’s time to start your online Accountancy tutoring with .


Our online calculus tutors help students following US curriculum from Middle school – grade 12 and college calculus tutoring need. With calculus our online homework help, your child gets personal attention and tutoring anywhere 24/7, with our private calculus tutors not only providing answers to difficult problems but also assist your child in solving the problem, by themselves.

Topics Covered under Online Calculus Tutoring

  • Limits and Continuity

  • Differentiation

  • Applications of Differentiation

  • Integration

  • Integration Techniques

  • First Order Differential Equations

  • Parametric Equations and Polar Coordinates

  • Infinite Series

  • Vectors and the Geometry of Space

  • Functions of Several Variables and Partial Differentiation

  • Multiple Integrals

  • Vector Calculus

  • Second Order Differential Equations

 What do We offer?

Our online US curriculum Calculus tutoring helps your child stand out with better grades. Our dedicated tutor will work regularly with your child on our online live tutoring platform, to review key concepts, help on homework assignments, and prepare for important tests and quizzes. Our private calculus tutors, a team of the best from elite Universities across the World, are passionate about teaching and know the ways to inspire and motivate your child.

With our calculus homework and academic help, online students understand all the complicated calculus problems guided by our experienced private calculus tutors. Our calculus courses online make the learning process easy through a step by step tutoring on the shared whiteboard. These worksheets shared and uploaded can be saved for future review by the students. Our online calculus tutors are available 24/7 to assist students in solving calculus problems accurately.

 Learn More about Calculus

Calculus is the mathematical study of change, just like how geometry is the study of shape. The word calculus comes from Latin Calculus which refers to a small stone used for counting. , It’s a method or system of calculation guided by the symbolic manipulation of expressions. The major two branches of calculus – differential and integral calculus are related to each other by the fundamental theorem of calculus. Calculus if undoubtedly the most challenging high school math course your child need to tackle and the one that plays a major role in college admissions. The study of calculus are also prerequisites for many college courses and majors, including engineering, math, physics, Pre-med and computer science.

Ever thought how is it possible to exactly determine how fast an athlete is accelerating after the starting gun? It’s with calculus. The development of calculus and its submission to physics and engineering is the most significant factor in modern science.

To study calculus, we need some familiarity with two concepts- the number and that of a function. Even the best math student, find it difficult to grasp the abstract concepts of parametric equations and integrals and derivatives, that calculus introduces.

The topics covered in our online calculus tutor US curriculum are differentiation, Functions limits, and continuity, differential Equations, Definite & Indefinite integrals, Applications of derivatives and exponential and logarithmic series.