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Highly Qualified Tutors

We only handpick the best tutors after a rigorous selection process

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Anytime, Anywhere
  • Highly Experienced teachers from various cities
  • Study materials for each class
  • Previous Question Papers/discussions
  • Regular Tests and mock exams


Anytime, Anywhere
  • Highly Experienced teachers from various cities
  • Study materials for each class
  • Previous Question Papers/discussions
  • Regular Tests and mock exams


The only reason I am good in mathematics is because of your tutoring. Thank you very much A Plus Tutoring.

Ajith Manav
(Former Student) National Model Senior Secondary School

I am a parent of Adithiya from National Model School, Lilly ma’am teaches Maths problems well, my son has improved a lot in marks

Adithiya’s Parent
National Model Senior Secondary School

I’m Mrs. Jana, parent of S.Barathwaj studying in Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Vidyalaya. He has been studying under the guidance of Lily Ma’am for the past 2 years. He likes the way of teaching and also the way ma’am explains. She tries hard to make him learn the concepts since he is a bit playful. I am thankful to her to make him bring to this level from where he was. Thank you so much, Ma’am.

S.Barathwaj’s Parent
Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Vidyalaya

I am honoured and privileged to have my son Advaith under the tutelage of an experienced teacher who is very methodical and sincere to her profession.

Advaith’s Parent

My daughter Neha has been attending Lily Ma’am’s math tuition for the past two months. Now she is getting the concepts very well. Thank you, ma’am, I have seen improvement and development In my daughter. My daughter says that lily ma’am is the best math teacher she’s ever had.

Bharathi Anand

Mrs Lily is teaching my son maths for the past few months. I appreciate her dedication, sincerity and involvement in conducting the classes and also prompt feedback to parents. I would surely recommend her.

N. Aruna
Parent of N.Aadharsh Krishna – SSVM World School

Happy that my daughter (9th, IG board) signed up for Chemistry classes on the A+ forum, her grades have consistently gone up since. Most importantly, she has a better understanding of the concepts and their applications. The Chemistry tutor Waqas is exceptionally patient and takes a special interest in addressing the lessons in a way that’s easily understood by the student. Well done, A+tutoring!!

Parent of Tamara
Yellow Train School – (IGCSE)

For the past one year, AdvAith is studying here. He is a below-average student. Ma’am gives individual attention to each kid. Without her support and sincere efforts, my boy would have found difficult to learn his lessons. She has been a great support to the student as well as the parent. She gives a periodic test to assess the children and notify us regarding the same. As a parent, I feel lucky to have her as my child’s teacher.

Sreeja Subodh
Parent of Advaith – SSVM WORLD SCHOOL

Madam Lilly’s approach of teaching Mathematics is unique with a regular practice test, her method explaining complex problems and clarifying doubts with ease stimulates renewed interest and makes the subject comfortable for the students to understand better and remember. Ever since my daughter Meghana started her Math tuition with Madam Lilly, it has helped in improving her mathematical skills and approach solving difficult problems. She has renewed her interest in the subject, and it’s reflecting in her marks.

Mother of Meghana – SSVM WORLD SCHOOL

Many thanks for a fabulous job, well done! It takes a high level of interest in solving the problems with confidence. Keep up the great job.

Pavan Venugopal
(Student) KV AFS SULUR.

We are very much thankful for accommodating our daughter Miss. Naahid (grade 10) for Maths tuition. She got very much improved in solving the questions at the shortest time and having a memory hook for every chapter you taught her. The methodology of teaching as per the standard and capacity of each student of you is highly commendable. We are confident that our daughter will secure centum in the upcoming board exam.

Parent of Naahid – SSVM WORLD SCHOOL

Dear Ma’am, You’ve made a positive difference in the life of my son. I have always believed that the task of an excellent teacher is to stimulate students to unusual effort and making winners out of ordinary people. I can proudly say that there is a drastic change in the performance level of my son since he has been attending your classes. He is all praises for your method of instruction and ability to put forth the concepts in a manner he understands. Please continue doing the good work, and I wish you the very best.

Rajesh Venugopal
Father of R Pavan, Kendriya Vidyalaya

Lily ma’am had tutored me, and I would say it was a great learning experience combined with intellectual activities. Maths being a tough subject became more interesting because of the teaching strategies. All the doubts were cleared, and I begin to enjoy learning even more than before.

Former Student, National Model Senior Secondary School

Nivedha had fear about Maths previously, but after attending Lily Madam’s tuition, that situation turned upside down. Now my daughter is very confident of doing all sums at any time. Thanks, Lily. Moreover, Lily Madam takes care of each kid as of their needs and follow them even on holidays to make them perform best. Another mother to each kid for guidance in studies.

Nivedha Baskar’s Parent
National Model Senior Secondary School

I am satisfied with her teaching and my son has improved a lot in mathematics. Excellent teaching by knowing the child’s capability

Niranjan Nair CP’s Parent
SSVM World School

My daughter always says that Lily ma’am has outstanding teaching skills that she had not seen in any other teacher. She has a lot of patience in teaching. She has the capability to bring up students who are very poor in maths. So my daughter is satisfied and loves her teaching. Thank you Lily ma’am

V Shalikha’s Parent




High-definition video conferencing:

  • Collaborate face-to-face with enhanced audio-video quality.
  • The full-screen conference mode ensures improved output and the 5-way audio-video layout with instinctive speaker recognition brings alive the real classroom experience

Learn on-the-go:

Allow learners to attend live classes on-the-go on their smartphones and tablets using WizIQ Android and iOS apps.

Record live lessons:

The automated server-side recording (SSR) works in the background when a class is streaming live and the class is recorded.Also, the students can go over the class recordings to reinforce classroom learnings.

Advanced interactive whiteboard:

  • The interactive online whiteboard comes with a full-screen mode, creating a bigger workspace.
  • The out-of-the-box advanced geometric shapes and graphs make it easy to teach math and statistics.
  • Circuit diagrams, line diagrams, and apparatus shapes have been included for teaching physics, electrical sciences, and chemistry in a hassle-free manner in our online classroom.